The Houston Maritime Museum

The Houston Maritime Museum has educated and entertained visitors for fourteen years with the mission “To capture and preserve the wonder and influence of maritime history and the marine industry with focus on the development of Houston, the Texas Gulf Coast, and the State of Texas.” Located on the outskirts of the Museum District, the museum has eight galleries filled with model ships, images, and artifacts that trace maritime navigation from the Bronze Age to the present.

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Three Continents: From the Bayou to the Biennale

From the Gulf of Mexico to the heart of downtown, the Houston Ship Channel has proved to be a vital piece of the city’s growth for one hundred years. Through history, we can trace how Houston’s economic ethos has transformed a narrow, winding bayou into an international epicenter of import.

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Volume 12 Number 1 Houston Ship Channel Table of Contents

Dredged to Excellence: 100 Years on the Houston Ship Channel Vol. 12, No. 1 (Summer 2014) Letter from Editor                   Download Full PDF 2 Deep Water Houston: From the Laura to the Deep Water Jubilee By James E.fisher 8 What a Deep-water Channel to Houston Created By Port of Houston Authority […]

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Letter from the Editor – Southeast Houston

By Carroll Parrott Blue, Guest Editor University of Houston Research Professor Center for Public History “Home: A place that provides access to every opportunity America has to offer.”  – Anita Hill, Reimagining Equality: Stories of Gender, Race and Finding Home, epigram.  In the 1970s some Houstonians greeted integration’s promise of greater access to educational equality […]

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Palm Center: A Window into Southeast Houston

With the recent addition of the Southeast line to the METRORail network, the Greater Third Ward is geared for revitalizing changes. The new line extends from downtown to the Palms Center, a former shopping center located at the intersection of Griggs Road and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

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The Kuhlmann Family: Planting Roots for Future Generations

In 1836 young Johann Frederick Kuhlmann made his way from Germanto America, eventually landing at the port of New Orleans after one of his sea journeys. Remaining in New Orleans working in various jobs, he continuously heard stories about the newly established Republic of Texas and its capital, Houston. To satisfy his curiosity, he made a trip to Houston and liked what he saw: a bustling little town that might provide him a promising future.

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