Digital Issue

“Summer Sampler,” the fourth edition of our digital issue, is here and has a wide variety of topics for your summer reading pleasure.

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  • The Letter from the Editor by Joe Pratt offers a retrospective on his years at the magazine as he embarks on the next phase of life—retirement—and the anticipation of teaching his two youngest students, his grandsons Felix and Theo.
  • “Carolyn Farb: Fundraiser Extraordinaire” features an interview with Carolyn and Bob Boudreaux traces her lifelong commitment to philanthropy and fundraising, enriching the lives of people in Houston and beyond.
  • “Los La Rottas de Houston: A Colombian Family’s Immigration Story” by Alex La Rotta offers a look at the Colombian immigrant experience of the 1970s, which has received little attention when discussing Houston diversity.
  • “The Growth of the Latter-day Saints Church in Houston and Katy, Texas” by James Thornock explores the growth of the Church in the Houston region and the significance of having a local temple.
  • “Being the Spirit of Houston: The University of Houston Marching Band” by La’Nora Jefferson explores the legacy of the UH Marching Band to students, participants, and the community from its founding in 1946 to the present day .


  • Preservation: “Clayton House: Profile of a Home and the Family who Built It” by Alex Colvin details notable Houstonians Will and Susan V. Clayton and the history of their home on Caroline Street, which they donated to the City of Houston and now house the Clayton Library, center for Genealogical Research.
  • Communities: “How Do You Pronounce Kuykendahl? – The German Settlers of Northwest Harris County” by Stephanie Gomez presents the interesting stories of the families who founded the communities in the Tomball area in the 1840s and the many ways community members continue to celebrate their legacy.
  • From the Archives: “‘Texas wines find their place in the sun’: George Fuermann and the Early History of the Texas Wine Industry” by Maria R. D. Corsi will have you imagining the tastes of Texas’s finest wines and thanking the man, George Fuermann, who brought them to attention of diners and connoisseurs.
  • Eclectic Houstonians: “Sophie Herzog: The First Women Surgeon in Texas” by Rachel Penland pays tribute to the woman doctor who revolutionized bullet extraction, breaking a number of gender norms practicing medicine in Brazoria, Texas.

If you prefer a hard copy, you can order one from the third-party vendor MagCloud by clicking this link.

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