V 9 N 1 Houston: Nuestra Historia


La Colonia Mexicana: A History of Mexican Americans in Houston by Jesus Jesse Esparza Trailblazers in Houston’s East End: The Impact of Ripley House and the Settlement Association on Houston’s Hispanic Population by Thomas McWhorter The “Mother Church” of Mexican Catholicism in Houston by Natalie Garza Lydia Mendoza: Houstonian and First Woman of Tejano Music by Aimee L’Heureux The Chicano Movement in Houston and Texas: A Personal Memory by Carlos Calbillo c/s House Special: Mexican Food & Houston Politics by Mikaela Selley Tatcho Mindiola, Jr.: A visionary at the University of Houston by Debbie Z. Harwell Finding A Way: Developing the Center for Mexican American Studies at UH by Tatcho Mindiola, Jr. Center of Dreams: Talento Bilingue de Houston by Richard Reyes The Fight for Bilingual Education in Houston: An Insider’s Perspective by Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr.  

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