18.1 Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey



Table of Contents

Before the Storm: Forecasting Hurricane Harvey
By Samantha de Leon

Stories from the Watersheds: How Harvey Impacted Houston’s Neighborhoods
By Nadia Abouzir

Looking Back: First Responders Reflect on Hurricane Harvey
By Graciela Cortez

Disaster and Dedication: The Story of Meyerland’s Jewish Community
By Anna Mayzenberg

Connected Through Chaos: How Social Media Platforms Helped Save Lives
By Syed Shahzeb Ayaz

Activism After Harvey: The Democratic Socialists of America Respond to the Storm
By Christopher Kessinger

Beyond Social Justice: Black Lives Matter and Houston Relief Efforts
By Christopher Kessinger

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Hurricane Harvey Through the Eyes of Houstonians
By Andrew Davis

Helping Hands and the Challenges of Recovery from Hurricane Harvey
By Sandra Tzul

Adapting a Plan: The City of Houston’s Emergency Shelter During Hurricane Harvey
By Christina Shibu

After the Storm Clouds Dissipated: Mental Health in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey
By Andrew R. Tello

A Moment to “Paws” and Reflect on Pets and Wildlife During Hurricane Harvey
By Carmen Crandell

A First Time for Everything: Harvey’s Cohabitated Animal Shelter
By Anna Mayzenberg

Flood Insurance: A Necessary “Luxury”
By Sean D. Bartell

Drawing Power from Community – Houston Strong
By Eva Bernal

Houston Happenings

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