The Texas City Disaster 1947: Changing Lives in a Heartbeat

By Cheryl Lauersdorf Ross On the morning of April 16, 1947, the SS Grandcamp, surrounded by refineries and chemical plants near the Texas City docks, exploded with a force compared to the Nagasaki atomic bomb, taking the lives of nearly 600 people and injuring thousands more. When a catastrophe like this strikes, reports focus on […]

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Habitat for Humanity

Across Houston thousands of families live in substandard housing, for many of them the dream of owning a home is not something attainable. Habitat for Humanity allows Houstonians in such conditions the opportunity of being home owners. This article highlights that process and gives veritable stories of Habit home recipients.

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A collapsed crane is visible, Friday afternoon, within the LyondellBasell Houston Refinery, Friday, July 18, 2008, in Houston. ONE TIME USE ONLY! This image may not be resold. No archive. No standalone internet. No social media. No advertising.  CREDIT Steve Ueckert/©Houston Chronicle

The Day the Earth Shook: Crane Collapse

For author Laura Bernal, July 18, 2008 could have changed her life forever. Her father Martin Bernal was working at Lyondell-Basell when one of the world’s biggest cranes owned and operated by Deep South Crane & Rigging collapsed killing many of their workers. The article discusses what went wrong that day and the aftermath of […]

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Air Alliance Houston

Houston’s air pollution has been an issue that has plagued our city for decades. Fast economic and demographic growth have all contributed to the problem. This article covers Debbie Z. Harwell’s interview with Air Alliance Houston’s executive director Bakeyah Nelson. She explains how Air Alliance works to better the air quality in Houston communities.

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The Evolution of Houston Bookstores

By Aric Richardson   An often overlooked and swiftly fading part of our regional culture is the Houston bookstore. In the 1860s early bookshops in Houston were not only purveyors of books, but were also the main source of printing, news delivery, and music. But what has happened to the bookselling industry between then and […]

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Nina Vance & the Alley Theatre

The Alley Theatre has gone through many stages since its creation by founder Nina Vance. This article covers the story about how today’s Alley Theatre came to be in its location on Texas Avenue and the influence that Nina Vance had on the design of the current building.

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