V 13 N 1 Asian Americans in Houston: A Kaleidoscope of Cultures


Asian Americans: Expanding Our Horizons
By Edward C. M. Chen and Debbie Z. Harwell
 An American Chinese in Houston
By Edward C. M. Chen
From “Tom Brown” to Mykawa Road: The Impact of the Japanese American Community on Houston in the Twentieth Century
By Abbie Salyers Grubb
 Korean Americans in Houston: Building Bridges across Cultures and Generation
By Haejin E. Koh
Vietnamese and Chinese American Cultures: Destination, Houston
By Jessica Chew
The Pinoys of Bayou City: Growth of a Community
By Jose Ordonez
 Bhale Padharya: From Gujarat to Houston
By Roshni Patel
Pass the Naan: The Story of Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District
By Alex LaRotta
Welcome to Guandi’s Temple – A Mystic Sanctuary of Asian Cultures in Houston
By Teresa (Terry) Tomkins-Walsh
Converging Parallel Lives: The Story of Voices Breaking Boundaries
By Matt Howard
Asia Society Texas Center: Easy to Miss but Difficult not to Notice
By Joel Luks and Rose Rougeau
 From the Archives
North America Taiwanese Women’s Association: Sisterhood is Powerful!
By Vince Lee
News and Books
By Barbara Eaves



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