V 4 N 2 San Jacinto


Henderson Yoakum’s Narrative of the Battle of San Jacinto
With an Introduction and Annotation by Jeff Dunn

Beyond The Battleground: The Competing Legacies of San Jacinto
by James E. Crisp

Honoring Texas Heroes: The San Jacinto Monument and its Cornerstone
by Sally Anne S. Gutting

Building a Memorial to Match the Battle
by Barbara Eaves

Details, Details, Details
by James E. Fisher

Building the San Jacinto Museum and its Collection
by Lisa A. Struthers and Elizabeth Appleby

Lights, Camera, Action: Re-enacting One of the Most Important Battles in World History
by C. David Pomeroy, Jr.

Memories of the San Jacinto Inn
by Katy Oliveira

Master Planning the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site
by Michael Strutt

Restoring the Ecosystem of the San Jacinto Battleground: Land, Air, & Water
by Russ Kuykendall

The Battle as Told by Archeology: A Story to Be Continued…
by Roger G. Moore, Ph.D., R.P.A., and Douglas Mangum

Leaving Texas High and Dry: The Preservation of the Battleship Texas
by Abbie Salyers

Restoring the Best View of Houston
by Larry Spasic

The Future of Battleship Texas
by Donald H. Fischer

Uncle Sam Wants You To Support the San Jacinto Battleground
by Barbara Eaves



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