Volume 6, Number 1

NASA Johnson Space Center (1958-1978)
Vol. 6, No. 1 (Fall 2008)
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4 From the Editor
by Joseph A.Pratt, Editor-in-Chief
6 The Right Place – Houston Makes History
by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
14 Remembering Apollo 8
by Christopher C. Kraft
28 The First Days in Houston
by Burton Chapman
32 Owls in Space:
Rice University’s Connections to NASA Johnson Space Center
by Jessica A. Cannon
36 Mutually Beneficial:
University of Houston-Clear Lake and NASA Johnson Space Center

by Shelly Henley Kelly
42 The Moon Rocket
by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
44 Landmarks at Johnson Space Center
by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
48 A Home for Heroes-Timber Cove
by Rebecca Wright
54 “One Giant Leap”-Thoughts on Apollo 11
60 Red, White & Blue-
US Flag at Home on the Moon

by Sandra L.Johnson
64 Legacy of the 35 New Guys
by Jennifer Ross-Nazzal
72 The Future is Now at Johnson Space Center
by Mike Coats, Center Director, NASA Johnson Space Centre

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