Connecting the World: OTC as a Platform for Global Exchange

by Johnny Zapata

The international appeal of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) was on full display on opening day of the fourteenth OTC in 198, when the Houston Chronicle praised the cross-cultural experience where ninety different nations were represented and the words “oil, gas, and petroleum” were heard spoken in hundreds of different ways.

The same description applied to OTC’s fiftieth conference in 2018. When I attended OTC for the first time on April 30, 2018, it came as no surprise that, while walking through the exhibition halls, I could understand Angolans speaking Portuguese on my right, people speaking Russian to my left, and men speaking English with a British accent walking in front of me. Hearing other languages that I know, like Spanish, Turkish, and Italian, as well as others that I do not know, I felt I had traveled the globe within NRG Park.

To expand its outreach globally and technically OTC added three new events to its calendar: the Arctic Technology Conference and OTC Brasil in 2011, followed by OTC Asia, created in 2012 and inaugurated in 2014. The expansion of OTC events is a direct response to the needs of a growing industry. Like their Houston counterpart, these OTC events attract attendees from across the globe and encourage the further exchange of new ideas and technologies under development in places where the offshore industry is still emerging.

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