OTC at 100: A Look Ahead to 2069

By Joe Pratt

The fiftieth anniversary of the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) offers a reason to look forward and backward. The waves of technological advances that have shaped the growth of the modern offshore industry began in earnest in the late 1940s. Looking back to the years after World War II, we see offshore pioneers with a vision of building an industry in the uncharted waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Fast-forwarding to 1969, we see the creation of OTC and a technologically advanced offshore industry active around the globe. As we celebrate OTC’s golden anniversary in 2019, it is interesting to speculate about the advances in technology in the next fifty years that might transform the offshore industry in ways we can barely imagine today.

In this concluding article, we give people associated with OTC a chance to contemplate the future of their organization. Our exercise in prophecy began with a questionnaire from the editors of Houston History to OTC officials and conference chairs, asking for their opinions about the future direction of offshore technology and of OTC and how they see OTC’s journey from 2019 to its hundredth anniversary in 2069. Those who responded to our questionnaires include:

Wafik Beydoun: Current Chairman OTC, Total Kuwait Country Chair

Susan Cunningham: Senior Adviser, Darcy Partners; Past OTC Board of Directors Chairperson

Kim Faulk: Development Manager /Sr. Marine Archeologist /Chair, OSIG Committee, SUT US


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