New Hope Housing: Creating Communities for Those in Need

by Natalya Pomeroy

The first SRO building in Houston, NHH Hamilton, had 129 SRO units and served 1,879 residents since 1995. It closed in the spring of 2018. Photo provided by New Hope Housing, Inc.

Evette, a twenty-six-year-old single mother who had fled a toxic relationship, struggled to support her and her children as they moved from one shelter to another. She found her way to The Star of Hope’s Women and Family Development Center, where she began building her skills and learned about another organization that also was growing and building – New Hope Housing. Every day, she and her children watched New Hope Housing’s Reed apartments under construction nearby and dreamed of living there.

Their dream came true in November of 2018 when they moved into their fully-furnished apartment and began taking advantage of New Hope Housing’s onsite supportive services and educational programs. With the help of Star of Hope and New Hope Housing, Evette saved enough money to buy a car. She enrolled in a GED program at Houston Community College and began working part-time as a health care provider. Evette’s long-term goals include becoming a psychologist and – the big one – saving money to buy her own home

For over a quarter-century, the nonprofit New Hope Housing has provided low cost, single room occupancy (SRO) housing for single adults living on little to no income in Houston to help them realize their goals. Today, New Hope has expanded to assist vulnerable families. It keeps residents’ rent costs low to provide affordable housing options and support services by combining federal funding with private donations and effective budgeting and management, “Building Communities, Restoring Lives.”

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NHH Harrisburg location houses 175 units, street-level retail, commercial office space, and the NHH HQ. It replaced the Hamilton location when the Harrisburg location opened in 2018. Photo provided by New Hope Housing, Inc.

Listen to stories that residents at New Hope Housing shared on “Their Voices” and brief clips about the barriers to housing and long-term stability on “Our Calling.”

This video shows “Project Empathy”, a father and son passion project to humanizing people without a stable place to call home. You can read more about the bigger picture of the homeless in the U.S. here.

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