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For the City

Houston History celebrates its twentieth anniversary with its fiftieth issue in the fall of 2023. The issue also marks the culmination of the three-year grant project: 100 Years of Stories – Documenting a Century at the University of Houston highlighting the way the university, its programs, and individuals have impacted the community.

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21.1Table of Contents

Download the full pdf here 21.1 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell 2Celebrating Twenty Years Discovering the Past at Houston History MagazineBy Debbie Z. Harwell8Philip G. Hoffman: Breaking Ground on the Modern Universityof HoustonBy Megan R. Dagnall1350 Years of Blaffer Art Museum: A Historical OverviewBy Pete Gershon16Building a Creative Community Through Blaffer Art Museum’s […]

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20.2 Table of Contents – Agents of Change

Download the full pdf here 20.2 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell 2Not If, But When: Renu Khator and the Evolution of the University of HoustonBy Samantha de León7Burdette Keeland Jr.: “The Bird” Who Built a Better HoustonBy Robert Perla Ventura12Public Art of the University of Houston System: “Only Open to the Public”By Mercedes […]

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20.1 Table of Contents, Innovative Thinkers in the Arts, Education & Politics

Download the full pdf here 20.1 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell 2John Lienhard – An Engine of Our IngenuityBy Cameron Thompson7The Legacy of Marguerite Ross Barnett: A Modern Vanguard in EducationBy Megan R. Dagnall12A Writer’s Hidden Gen in Houston: Arte Público PressBy Aileen Mendoza17Nancy Sims and Katy Caldwell Talk on Political Junkies and Poodle HairBy Max […]

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20.1 Innovative Thinkers: Letter from the Editor

Debbie Z. Harwell, Editor Do you ever wonder when you see a new product, “Why didn’t I think of that?” (Sometimes followed by, “I’d be rich!”). As Google search for the question, “how do we get ideas?” returned 4.4 billion responses. (That’s billion with a “B”!). So, I did what most of us do and […]

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Sue Garrison: The Inspiration Behind Generations of Educators and Leaders

By Debbie Z. Harwell “Women like her made women like me.” —Debbie Sokol, award-winning volleyball player, coach, and trainer. Sue Garrison, the University of Houston’s first director of women’s physical education and women’s athletics (1945-1979), was ahead of her time, creating opportunities for women long before Title IX. Photo courtesy of the TWU Libraries Woman’s […]

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19.1 San Jose Clinic: Forever Healing – Letter from Editor

We are honored to have partnered with the San José Clinic to tell the story of their first 100 years providing healthcare to Houston’s underserved. Please see the joint letter introducing this issue from Houston History editor, Debbie Harwell, and San José Clinic President and CEO, Maureen Sanders.

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