Maxwell House, Good to its Last Drop


Maxwell House: Good to Its Last Drop

By Olivia Johnson

New York City has the Statue of Liberty, Chicago has Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean,” and St. Louis has the Gateway Arch. Houstonians have Maxwell House. In case you have never noticed this classic Houston landmark, it is visible from most any freeway, downtown building, and the Medical Center. Generation “Z” is only vaguely familiar with Maxwell House, but ask any parent or grandparent and they will describe it the same way: “The coffee house with the giant neon cup.”

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Scroll down to watch the movie, Maxwell House: Good ’til Its Last Drop, or to listen to excerpts from an interview with Ruben Cerda, a long-time employee of Maxwell House and now Maximus Coffee.

Click on the arrows below to listen to excerpts from Olivia Johnson’s December 2012 interview with Ruben Cerda, the only Maximus quality lab technician trained in HPLC, high-performance liquid chromatography.

Ruben Cerda talks about the status of workers when the Maxwell House factory was sold to Maximus.

Cerda discusses what the plant does to minimize waste and  the steps taken by Maximus to make it more efficient.

Ruben Cerda explains the unique decaffeination process used in the plant and how instant coffee is made.

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