Standing Together: Houston Labor Struggles

Standing Together: Houston Labor Struggles Now and Then

By Isaac Morey

“History repeats itself” goes the old saying. This adage, often repeated to the point of seeming trivial, proves time and time again to be accurate.  The struggle between labor and management provides an excellent example of this, given the history of significant strikes in Houston. The year 2012 represented an incredibly historic year for local labor. Thousands of janitors won a new contract after a long summer that saw heated negotiation between management and labor followed by weeks of strikes and dramatic acts of civil disobedience.

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Scroll down to watch the movie, Standing Together: Houston Labor Struggles Now and Then, or to listen to excerpts from an interview with Adriana Vasquez, a SEIU member and downtown janitor.

Click on the arrows below to listen to excerpts from Isaac Morey’s interview with Adriana Vasquez, a Houston janitor who took part in the historic strike of 2012. Paloma Martinez translates the conversation recorded on November 28, 2012.  

Adriana Vasquez discusses the amount of work the janitors do and the short amount of time they have to complete it.  Translated by Paloma Martinez.

Adriana Vasquez explains that one of the most meaningful aspects of the strike was the support the janitors received from religious organizations, local politicians, and the actor/activist Danny Glover.  Translated by Paloma Martinez.

Adriana Vasquez outlines the importance of the agreement reached by the janitors as a result of the strike.  Translated by Paloma Martinez.

Adriana Vasquez talks about the injustice of those at the bottom doing much of the work that allows the wealth to remain at the top.  Translated by Paloma Martinez.

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