Volume 2, Number 2

Houston Remembers World War II
Vol. 2, No. 2 – Spring 2005
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Letter from the Editor
2 Memorials and Memories
by Joseph A. Pratt
8 The Cruiser Houston Peacetime Icon, Wartime Martyr
by Jim Saye
11 Reinventing Houston: Mexican Americans of the World War II Generation
by Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez
14 Facing History-CREW: The men of the USS Texas
by Marisa C. Sanchez
21 The Jewish GI Returns Home to Nazi Germany
by Carla Curtis
23 Filming the Fight: An Interview with L. Bennett Fenberg
Interview by Steven Fenberg
26 Driving on the Edge of Death: Arthur Joseph Jr. and the Red Ball Express
Interview by Isaac Hampton II
29 A Glimpse of Houston During WWII
By Joel Draut
33 Humble Women at War: The case of Humble’s Baytown Refinery, 1942-1945
By Gary J. Rabalais
37 Community History: The Heights Remembers WWII
By Mary Michel Hinton
40 The Battle for the Texas Mind: The Firing of Homer Price Rainey and the Fight for the Survival of Academic Freedom and New Deal Liberalism at the University of Texas, 1939-1945
By John Moretta
45 Reminiscences: an Interview with Robert L. Waltrip
Interview by William H. Kellar
48 The Debt That’s Owed
Poem by Eric Kaposta

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