Table of Contents, 18.2, LGBTQ+ HOU: Bayou City Proud

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18.2 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell
2100 Years of Stories
3“Our Story”: The Unshakeable Love of Phyllis and Trish Frye
By Caitlyn Jones
From Dumpster Diving to Dallas Buyers’ Club: The Making of Gulf Coast GLBT Archive and Museum
A conversation with Judy Reeves, Vince Lee, and Leandra Zarnow
14 Show up, Stand up, Speak up: The Life and Career of Deb Murphy
By Logan French
19 Triumph and Trial: Preserving Houston’s Black LGBTQ+ History through Community-centered Archiving
By Erika Thompson
22From the Archives
The Life and Times of Diana
By Christian Kelleher

The Pam Francis Portraits (1989-2016)
By Christine Starkman
30Houston Area Women’s Center Providing Shelter and Services
By Lena Craven
35Around the Region
The History of Hospital Care in Waller County
By Michael Zhou and Mark Tschaepe 
40 Communities
It Is There I Feel the Spirit: Houston’s Third Wa
By Marie Theresa Hernández and Naomi Mitchell C
46Houston Happenings

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