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Keeping Cajun Music Alive

Pe-Te Johnson was born in Grand Taso, near Eunice, Louisiana. His ancestors are direct descendants of the Acadians expelled from Nova Scotia in the mid-eighteenth century. His last name, Johnson, is the Anglo version of his Acadian sir name, Jeansonne. He served in the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and was stationed in Chateauroux, France for two and a half years, having served as an interpreter when the military opened a new base there in 1953.

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Heights Woman’s Club

Houston Heights Woman’s Club: Over 100 Years of Friendship and Philanthropy By Lindsay Scovil Dove At the turn of the twentieth century, the Houston Heights was a budding community, the pride of some of Houston’s elite. However, its developer, Oscar Martin Carter, envisioned the area as a suburb for everyone, not just the wealthy. During […]

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The Campus was our Country Club

I did not realize it at the time, but my childhood was made special by the place my family lived: University Oaks, a small neighborhood separated from the University of Houston campus by Wheeler Street. The campus was our country club, and the kids of University Oaks were our social circle. We led average lives with two exceptional differences: the University, and our highly educated parents.

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