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The Kuhlmann Family: Planting Roots for Future Generations

In 1836 young Johann Frederick Kuhlmann made his way from Germanto America, eventually landing at the port of New Orleans after one of his sea journeys. Remaining in New Orleans working in various jobs, he continuously heard stories about the newly established Republic of Texas and its capital, Houston. To satisfy his curiosity, he made a trip to Houston and liked what he saw: a bustling little town that might provide him a promising future.

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MacGregor Park, A Gift to Houston

When people hear the name MacGregor Park they likely think of two notable Houstonians: Henry F. MacGregor, a businessman and philanthropist who helped shape Houston’s development in the first quarter of the twentieth century whose family donated the land for the park in his honor, and Olympian Zina Garrison, who became a world champion tennis player through John Wilkerson’s MacGregor Park Junior Tennis Program in the 1970s and who returned to Houston to encourage others to take up the game.

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Stories Along the Line: METRO’s New Southeast Light Rail

The Southeast Transit Corridor Stations will be located on the edges of Houston’s Third Ward, a predominately African American community. Given this community’s location, The Dawn Project / Johnston Marklee team consciously focused on honoring the powerful contributions of Houston’s African Americans. Working with six historians who specialize in African American history situated in Texas and the West, the combined team incorporated a special focus on Third Ward’s residents in its selection of the people and events that have made history with far reaching impact.

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From the Archives: Remembering Foley’s

By Teresa Tomkins-Walsh Houston History Archives News of the impending demolition of the Macy’s nee Foley’s downtown building flooded newspapers, internet, and television in August 2013. News of the decision reaffirmed for many citizens that Houston continues to be a city striding toward its future with little regard for preservation of its past. Protests to […]

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