Volume 3, Number 1

Coming to Houston
Vol. 3, No. 1 (Fall 2005)
Download PDFLetter from Editor Joe Pratt
4 Coming to Houston: 170 Years of Migration
12 Shattered Lives, New Beginnings: Holocaust Survivors in Houston
by Jenna Berger
18 The New Latinos and Houston’s Global Pueblo
by Jan Swellander Rosin
20 The Houston Catholic Worker: Casa Juan Diego, 1981-2004
by Carol Ellis
27 From the Ashes of the Cold War: Constructing a Southern Vietnamese Community and Identity in Houston
by Roy Vu
32 A Long Road to Houston: An Interview with Daniel Galván
by Juan Manuel Galván
35 An Invisible Path: An Interview with Dr. Victor Rivera
by Ernesto Valdés
40 Free Men Come to Houston: Blacks During Reconstruction
by Scott Stabler
44 Two Paths to Greatness: Elvin Hayes and Hakeem Olajuwon Come to Houston
by Katherine Lopez
48 In Search of Freedom: Black Migration to Houston, 1914-1945
by Bernadette Pruitt

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