HOPE Clinic

Planting the Seed of HOPE: Cultivating Health Care in Houston

By Thu Huong Vu

On October 18, 2012, a celebration was held in honor of the HOPE Clinic. On that same day ten years before, the HOPE Clinic began its mission to provide culturally and linguistically competent health care to underserved populations in Houston. Over the past ten years, HOPE Clinic grew tremendously. Though the clinic just celebrated its tenth anniversary, the history that led up to the establishment of the clinic began much earlier.

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Scroll down to watch the movie, HOPE Clinic: A Look at Health Care in Houston, or to listen to excerpts from interviews with the clinic’s founders.

Click on the arrows to listen to excerpts from Thu Huong Vu’s interview with Dr. Richard Andrews and Beverly Gor on October 27, 2012 at HOPE Clinic.

Dr. Richard Andrews explains what it was like working at the HOPE Clinic when he first started there four years ago and discusses the changing demographics of the patients.

Founder Beverly Gor discusses the role HOPE Clinic played during Hurricane Katrina.

Click on the arrow to listen to excerpts from Thu Huong Vu’s interview with Rogene Gee Calvert and Andrea Caracostis on October 27, 2012 at HOPE Clinic.

Calvert discusses the beginning of the Asian American Health Coalition (AAHC) and the demographics of Asians in Houston. She talks about opening HOPE Clinic as a major project of AAHC, and its expansion after Hurricane Katrina.

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