Heights Woman’s Club

Houston Heights Woman’s Club: Over 100 Years of Friendship and Philanthropy

By Lindsay Scovil Dove

At the turn of the twentieth century, the Houston Heights was a budding community, the pride of some of Houston’s elite. However, its developer, Oscar Martin Carter, envisioned the area as a suburb for everyone, not just the wealthy. During this time, a movement swept the nation. Influenced by this air of reform the Houston Heights women decided to start a club to improve themselves through the study and discussion of literature. On January 15, 1900, sixteen women met at the home of Mrs. C. R. Cummings and formed the Heights Literary Club.

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Scroll down to watch the movie, Heights Woman’s Club, or to listen to excerpts from an interview with club president Shea Hill.

Click on the arrows below to listen to excerpts from Lindsay Scovil Dove’s  interview with Heights Woman’s Club evening group president Shea Hill, which was  conducted on December 3, 2012, at the clubhouse at 1846 Harvard.

Shea Hill talks about what she’s most proud of from the club’s recent years.

Shea Hills talks about the time when the land was donated for the building of the clubhouse.  She also discusses the Hortense Ward Dinner.

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