Table of Contents 19.2 Community Engagement

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19.2 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell
2Dr. Sue Garrison: The Inspiration Behind Generations of 
Educators and Leaders

By Debbie Z. Harwell
8Latino cARTographies: Mapping the Past, Present, and Future of Houston’s Latino Visual Art
By Pamela Anne Quiroz and Juana Guzman
14Establishing the University of Houston: “May We All Cherish This School Always”  
By Grace Conroy
17Shakespeare For All: The Spirit of the Houston Shakespeare Festival
By Andrew Tello
22From the Archives
Dr. Richard I. Evans and the Innovation of Educational Television
By Emily Vinson
Celebrating a Decade as a Cultural Powerhouse: The Houston Museum of African American Culture
By Morgan E. Thomas
The Store That Does More: H-E-B in Houston, Texas
By Miles Bednorz
Houston’s East End: Past in the Present
By Marie-Theresa Hernandez 
42Houston Happenings

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