Volume 1, Number 1

Women in Houston’s History
Vol. 1, No. 1 (Fall 2003)
Editor’s Introduction
By Joseph Pratt
2 Houston Women in Texas and U.S. History
By Audrey Crawford
4 “A Miracle Occurred!” The Houston Committee of International Women’s Year, Houston, 1977
By Ellen Pratt Fout
12 State of the Women in Houston
Speech By Nikki Van Hightower
15 “To protect, to feed, and to give momentum to every effort”: African-American Clubwomen in Houston, 1880-1910
By Audrey Crawford
24 Artemis in Mexico
What I Keep Telling Myself
Poems by Carolyn Tourney Florek
25 Changing Lives and Making Policy: The Houston Women’s Caucus for Art 1978-1988
By MaryRoss Taylor
37 Altering the Fine Edge of Respectability: Businesswomen in Houston, 1895-1920
By Anne Sloan
47 Hortense Ward
Poem by Anne Sloan
48 Thelma Scott Bryant: Memories of a Century in Houston’ Third Ward
By Teresa Tompkins-Walsh
59 Walking in the Footsteps of Houston Women: A Tour of Historic Houston
By Betty Chapman
63 Muse in the Museum
Mother at the Other End
Poems by Varsha Shah
64 The Trailblazers Who Guide Me
By Patricia Smith Prather
67 The Women’s Archive and Research Center at the University of Houston: A Resource from the Past for Research in the Future
By Sarah Frazer

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