Volume 7, Number 3

Houston’s Helping Hands: Remembering Katrina
Vol. 7, No. 3 (Summer 2010)
Download PDFLetter From the Editor and Statement by Mayor Bill White
2 Features:
Frank McBride: Covering Katrina from New Orleans to Houston

Interview by Ernesto Valdes
4 Judge Robert Eckels: “We can do whatever we have to…”
Interview by David Goldstein
6 Michael Moore: Marshaling Houston’s Resources to Make a Difference
Interview by Ernesto Valdes
12 Mark Sloan: “The voice of calm”,Coordinating Volunteers
Interview by Ernesto Valdes
14 Rev.Eric Hystad: Operation Compassion at the George R. Brown
Interview by Ernesto Valdes
17 Serving the Medical Needs of Houston’s “Guest Citizens”
Conversations with Dr.Kenneth Mattox, David Lopez, Dr.David Persse, Diana Rodriguez, and Ernesto Valdes
25 Claire Bassett: Incorporating Tulane Medical School with Baylor College of Medicine
Interview by Ernesto Valdes
28 William Reed: Using Technology to Find Lost Loved Ones
Interview by Jenna Berger
30 Hope and Sorrow: Notes from the Dome Floor
Featuring selections from interviews in this issue
35 FEMA: No Surprise, No Consensus
Featuring selections from interviews in this issue
37 Surviving Katrina and Rita in Houston
Conversations with Shari Smothers, Marie Barney, Glenda Harris and Linda Jeffers
41 University of Houston: Contributions to the Katrina Effort
by Aimee L’Heureux
43 News Updates and Books
by Barbara Eaves

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