Asian Americans in Houston

Visit The Heritage Society now through January 16, 2016, to view the exhibit. The fall issue of Houston History will be available on November 19, 2015.

Please see the image below to read letters from The Heritage Society’s collection manager, Ginger Berni, and Houston History‘s editor, Joe Pratt, about this collaborative effort, followed by the full Table of Contents.

Letter 13.1 Asian Americans



Asian Americans: Expanding Our Horizons
By Edward C. M. Chen and Debbie Z. Harwell

An American Chinese in Houston
By Edward C. M. Chen

From “Tom Brown” to Mykawa Road: The Impact of the Japanese American Community on Houston in the Twentieth Century
By Abbie Salyers Grubb

Korean Americans in Houston: Building Bridges across Cultures and Generation
By Haejin E. Koh

Vietnamese and Chinese American Cultures: Destination, Houston
By Jessica Chew

The Pinoys of Bayou City: Growth of a Community
By Jose Ordonez

Bhale Padharya: From Gujarat to Houston
By Roshni Patel

Pass the Naan: The Story of Houston’s Mahatma Gandhi District
By Alex LaRotta

Welcome to Guandi’s Temple – A Mystic Sanctuary of Asian Cultures in Houston
By Teresa Tomkins-Walsh

Converging Parallel Lives: The Story of Voices Breaking Boundaries
By Matt Howard

Asia Society Texas Center: Easy to Miss but Difficult not to Notice
By Joel Luks and Rose Rougeau

From the Archives

North America Taiwanese Women’s Association: Sisterhood is Powerful!
By Vince Lee

News Updates and Books
By Barbara Eaves


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