Table of Contents 19.1 San José Clinic

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19.1 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell
2From Fear to Faith: The Founding of the San José Clinic
By Karla Rodriguez
6The Catholic Church and the San José Clinic: One Hundred Years of

By Miles Bednorz
11San José Clinic Establishes its Place in Houston’s Medical Mecca
By Grace Conroy
17“San José Saints”: Treating Patients from Head to Toe
By Grace Conroy, Caitlyn Jones, and Debbie Z. Harwell
23Respect, Dignity, and Making a Home
By Joseph Castillo
26Pillar of Refuge, Honoring Maria Ramirez
By Joseph Castillo
28Hometown Heroes – The Women Behind the San José Clinic
By Sarah Chikhani
32“A Magical Time”: Christmas at San José Clinic
By Celine Pineda
34On a Wing and a Prayer: Houston Nonprofits Support San José
Clinic’s Mission

By Grace Conroy
37Fundraising with Heart: The Inspiration Behind San José Clinic’s
Annual Fundraisers

By Grace Conroy
39Celebrating the San Jose Clinic Centennial and Looking Forward to
the Next 100 Years

By Alondra Torres
43Houston Happenings

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