Volume 9, Number 2

Tickle Your Taste buds
Vol. 9, No. 2 (Spring 2012)
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2 Blue Bell: The Cream Rises to the Top
by Naveen Inampudi and Debbie Z. Harwell
8 Sonny Look: A Humble Showman
by Debbie Z. Harwell
14 Food for the Body, Food for the Spirit: Irma Galvan and Her Award-Winning Mexican Restaurant, Irma’s
by Sandra Davidson
19 Ideal Housewives: Home Economics at the University of Houston
by Aimee L’Heureux
23 The Raw Truth: A Conversation with Cheryl Pradia and Ezell Wilson
27 Eat Fresh, Eat Local: A History of Urban Gardening & Food Education
by Natalie Garza
Annette Finnigan: Building an Enlightened Community

by Betty Trapp Chapman
“Any day above ground is a good one”: A Conversation with the National Museum of Funeral History’s Director Genevieve Keeney and
Anna Burke Herrera
41 News Updates & Books
by Barbara Eaves

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