Volume 9, Number 1

Houston: Nuestra Historia
Vol. 9, No. 1 (Fall 2011)
Download PDF       Letter from Guest Editor Natalie Garza
2 La Colonia Mexicana: A History of Mexican Americans in Houston
by Jesus Jesse Esparza
9 Trailblazers in Houston’s East End: The Impact of Ripley House and the Settlement Association on Houston’s Hispanic Population
by Thomas McWhorter
14 The “Mother Church” of Mexican Catholicism in Houston
by Natalie Garza
20 Lydia Mendoza: Houstonian and First Woman of Tejano Music
by Aimee L’Heureux
25 The Chicano Movement in Houston and Texas: A Personal Memory
by Carlos Calbillo c/s
30 House Special: Mexican Food & Houston Politics
by Mikaela Selley
36 Tatcho Mindiola, Jr.: A Visionary at the University of Houston
by Debbie Z. Harwell
38 Finding A Way: Developing the Center for Mexican American Studies at UH
by Tatcho Mindiola, Jr.
44 Center of Dreams: Talento Bilingue de Houston
by Richard Reyes
48 The Fight for Bilingual Education in Houston: An Insider’s Perspective
by Guadalupe San Miguel, Jr.
52 News Updates & Books
by Barbara Eaves


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