Table of Contents, 18.1, Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey

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18.1 Letter from the Editor, Debbie Z. Harwell
2Before the Storm: Forecasting Hurricane Harvey
By Samantha de Leon
5Stories from the Watersheds: How Harvey Impacted Houston’s Neighborhoods
By Nadia Abouzir
8Looking Back: First Responders Reflect on Hurricane Harvey
By Graciela Cortez
11Disaster and Dedication: The Story of Meyerland’s Jewish Community
By Anna Mayzenberg
15Connecting Through Chaos: How Social Media Platforms Helped Save Lives
By Syed Shahzeb Ayaz
18Activism After Harvey: The Democratic Socialists of America Respond to the Storm
By Christopher Kessinger
20Beyond Social Justice: Black Lives Matter and Houston Relief Efforts
By Christopher Kessinger
21Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Hurricane Harvey Through the Eyes of Houstonians
By Andrew Davis
26Helping Hands and the Challenge of Recovery from Hurricane Harvey
By Sandra Tzul
29Adapting a Plan: The City of Houston’s Emergency Shelter During Hurricane Harvey
By Christina Shibu
32After the Storm Clouds Dissipated: Mental Health in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey
By Andrew Tello
35A Moment to “Paws” and Reflect on Pets and Wildlife During Hurricane Harvey
By Carmen Crandell
37A First Time for Everything: Harvey’s Cohabitated Animal Shelter
By Anna Mayzenberg
39Flood Insurance: A Necessary “Luxury”
By Sean D. Bartell
42Drawing Power from Community — Houston Strong
By Eva Maria Bernal
43Houston Happenings

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