The Road to Tier One

Houston History and the UH Alumni Association have teamed up for this commemorative issue celebrating 85 years at the University of Houston. Check out the Table of Contents below and don’t forget to renew or subscribe to receive this great issue!

  • Houston: The City and the University, The Allure and the Promise    By Renu Khator
  • UH at 85   By Joe Pratt
  • The People’s University: UH Alumni Memories Through the Decades   By Jeff Sutton
  • World War II Veterans and the G.I. Bill Revitalize the University of Houston, 1944-1946   By Betsy Morin
  • The Tip of the Spear: Honors Education at the University of Houston   By Keri Myrick
  • KUHT-TV: The University of Houston’s Second Great Vision   By James E. Fisher
  • The Campus was our Country Club   By Don T. Whitaker
  • Moving Forward: Area Studies Programs and Diversity at UH   By Aimee L. Bachari and Ann Lynd
  • The Hall of Honor and the Move to Tier One Athletics   By Debbie Z. Harwell
  • Hiding in Plain Sight: The UH Public Art Collection and Blaffer Museum   By Debbie Z. Harwell


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